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Top 10 Family Oriented Movies/ Series.

 As I have watched many movies and web series in this lockdown. So I know which can be seen with family. *Few series like Family Man,Asur, The Raikar Case might contain abusive content which you might be or might not be comfortable watching with your family.* OK, This is the list so far: Special Ops- (Hotstar) In Special Ops, Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh leads a task force searching for several terrorists attacks. Asur- (Voot Select) The series revolves around a serial killer and two CBI officers. The storyline is so great that till last you won't get bored. Family Man- (Amazon Prime) Srikant Tiwari is a middle-class man who also serves as a world-class spy. Srikant tries to balance his familial responsibilities with the demands of the highly secretive special cell of the National Intelligence Agency that he is working for. Panchayat- (Amazon Prime) An engineering graduate, for lack of a better job, becomes the secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh w
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Why & How to cook soyabean?

Hey. Most of you already know that Soybeans/chunks are a great source of protein. But it has much more nutritional value than this. Having Soybeans in your diet will be proven beneficial in many ways. Why eat Soya chunks? These are reasons why you should have soybeans in your diet at least twice a week: Soybeans help in relieving sleep. It has been proven beneficial in weight loss.  Soy products are the best substitute for animal protein. Having 52 gm of protein per 100 gm of soya makes it the best option for fulfilling the daily requirement of protein intake. Soya chunks may help reduce many health problems such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart problems and prostate cancers. Soybeans may help manage diabetes and improve blood circulation. It helps in gaining muscles if you are looking for veg protein. What are the recipes for soybeans? Soya chunks masala dry Soya chunks curry Soybean Pulao Soybean Manchurian These four are my favourites of all time. The first one has crunchi

Top 10 Richest Athletes

 Comparing athletes on the basis of their works in their respective fields can't be done. Every sportsman is appraised in his particular sport. Some of us love tennis thus Roger Federer would be our favourite, while other love football so their favourites would be Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi and other. Although it would be foolish of us to compare on this basis. But we can surely say who is richer than the other.  Who are the top 10 richest athletes in world? Conor McGregor - He is performer of Mixed Martial Arts, a boxer and a businessman.  McGregor has endorsement deals with Beats by Dre, Monster Energy, Reebok and Bud Light. As of 2017, his endorsement deals rounded up to $7 million.[215][216] In early 2018, McGregor signed a deal with Burger King. He has net worth of $180M . Lionel Messi - Lionel AndrĂ©s Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward and captains both Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team. He has a net worth of aro

Countries Indian can visit Visa free.

Where can Indians visit? While most of the countries ask for a Visa, some of them don't. Yes with a passport you can go visit those countries. While some give you comfort of taking your Visa on arrival. Today, I am discussing the countries which doesn't require visa from Indians to visit them. But there are timelines too.  Countries Indians can visit visa free: Barbados– up to 90 days, British Virgin Islands – up to 30 days, Cook Islands – up to 31 days, Dominica – up to six months, El Salvador – up to 90 days, Fiji – up to 4 months, Grenada – up to 3 months, Haiti – up to 3 months, Indonesia – up to 30 days, Jamaica – up to 30 days,  Macau – up to 30 days, Maldives – up to 90 days, Mauritius – up to 90 days, Micronesia – up to 30 days, Montserrat – up to 6 months, Niue – up to 30 days, Northern Cyprus – up to 3 months, Palestine – up to 3 months, (you may not enter the country through the gaza strip) Pitcairn Islands – up to 14 days, Qatar – up to 30 days, Saint Kitts and Nevi

How to impress your crush easily?

Everyone wants attention. Who doesn't, right? There are very few of us who can resist this urge of getting 'attention'. We as a man wants to attract woman towards us, but no one knows "How can YOU do that?" How to attract women towards us? You want to attract your crush but don't know how? Here are some tips which can help you in getting her. 1. Be Confident Yes, confidence is the key to success. You will overwhelmed knowing what can confidence do for you. My friend, Shubham , was totally crushing over a girl. But he wasn't able to confront her. After a year and a half, he finally decided to tell her everything. And she said yes.  It was confidence which got them together. So you have to go ahead and try your luck but don't be overconfident about it too. 2. Making eye contact Eye contact has been considered to be very important. By this you state that you aren't getting nervous and are actively participating in the conversation. Even when you two

Top 10 Books to Buy and Read.

Top 10 books everyone should have read in their teenage. So while I was searching for some books to read last year, I came across some of the best books. Today, I am glad that I read those books. It has changed my mindset to look at things in a much better and reasonable way. Why should anyone read books? As people say, "Healthy mind leads to Healthy bodies". Books are great source of motivation and beautiful scenarios. It helps in explore mental boundaries of people. To tackle stress, anxieties, depression and problems reading books has been a great option. Here comes the list of books influencing you in a better way: 1. Think and Grow Rich - By Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich condenses them, providing the reader with 14 principles. The book asserts that desire, faith, and persistence can propel one to great heights if one can suppress negative thoughts and focus on long-term goals. It remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill's books. Link to buy-